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Port Bàn Holiday Park Ltd

nr Tarbert
PA29 6YD

Tel: 01880 770 224



Port Bàn is available for renting or buying static caravans. It also accommodates tourers or motorhomes. There is a separate beachside campsite for tents. There’s electric hook-up for tents, tourers and motorhomes. There is also two Hexilodges, each lodge can sleep 2 adults and 1 child or 2 adults & two small children. Max. 2 dogs.

Opening Dates

Static Caravans – Open all year
Touring & Camping – 29th March – 2nd November
Glamping Pods – 29th March – 2nd November


Touring & Camping

Their pitches accommodate all types of touring stays, from tents to Caravans. With standard and large sizes to choose from. Both our standard and large pitches offer the availability of electric hookup.

Shop & Cafe on site

The shower block  at the tent area has hotel standard hot showers, housed within a well maintained building. There is also a seperate inside area for dishwashing.

Getting there

Port Ban can be accessed via a 14 mile single track road just off the A83. The drive from Glasgow takes around 3 hours, passing some beautiful scenery. It all adds to the feeling that you are heading somewhere remote and tranquil.

What's nearby

Due to the remoteness of Port Bàn, there is limited nearby activites. That said, the campsite does offer a wide range, such as Bike hire, Star Gazing, Tennis, Port Bàn Sailing Club, Canoes and Guided walks.

We decided to take a walk along the coast and within a short and easy 1 mile walk, we came across a Standing stone and tomb. The tomb had a notice with the enscription – Tomb of the Campbells of Drimnamucklach. It was one of those casual discoveries you can make. Perfect for a photo oppertunity and stirs your curiousity.

In the opposite direction, about 1.5 miles away, is the Kilberry Sculptured Stones. The collection probably originates from the medieval parish church that stood near the Campbell of Kilberry mausoleum. It is first mentioned in the 1300s, and said to have been burnt down in the 1640s.  

There are plenty of opportunities for local walks and cycling.

Usefull links – 

Walking / Cycling / Running routes near Kilberry Bay

Walk Highlands


Read about our trip

On arrival, our first concern was the apparent lack of tent pitches as the site appeared to be full of statics. We made our way to reception and was informed that the tent section was an out of the way area right next to the shore and we would be the only tent there so ‘take any pitch you like’.

We made our way excitedly to the tent area. OMG what a spot we had and all to ourselves. We quickly pitched up our tent, sat back and took in the views. There would be no people watching or a drive to a local town. This was all about the views, the peace, the walks, the stillness, the sunshine and the wine.  This was an ‘in the moment memory’ that would stay with us for the remainder of our camping years, there was another memory that would also stay with us and be influential regards future camping decisions in Scotland: –

We awoke early, the day after our arrival. The sun was lighting up our tent and we knew that before long we would have to leave our tent due to the build-up of heat from the sun. We lay and thought about breakfast and I was looking forward to getting the gas stove fired up.

I popped my head out of the tent to breath in the fresh morning air and once again take in that amazing view. My relaxed anticipation was immediately cast aside as I had a feeling that was familiar but at the same time magnified a thousand times. I was being swarmed by midges. The intense feeling of them crawling over my face and biting me was unbelievable. I’ve experienced midge bites before but not like this. I immediately recoiled back into the tent shouting ‘FFS I’m being attacked by midges.’ Of course, they had followed me and now the inside of the tent was a scene of swiping movements, screams from Aileen and general panic. We had to evacuate but where! Outside the tent, we would be met with midge hell and inside we would be eaten alive. We had no choice, we had to run for it! One, two, three – go. We sprinted for the communal dishwashing room. Don’t ask me why, it must have been the closest. I kid you not, we were chased the whole way by those vicious carnivores and once inside the washing room we had to spend a good bit of time killing the ones that had come in with us as they were as keen as ever to get our blood. Finally, we felt we were getting the upper hand and could relax enough to review our situation. The outside of the washroom window was crawling with midges trying to find a way in so we weren’t going anywhere any time soon. Sam, our dog, had managed to follow us and was sat looking up at us in a confused manner, no doubt wondering what we were up to and when was he getting his breakfast and going for a walk.

We hatched a plan – let’s leave it a bit longer.   

Eventually, the window cleared of midges and our attention turned to breakfast. We dug deep into our limited knowledge of midges. They don’t like the wind or strong sunshine. Ok, the sun is starting to heat up and it’s breezy down by the shore. So, we made a decision. Run to the tent. Grab our chairs, cooking equipment, breakfast provisions and whatever you do don’t stand still for too long!

And that’s what we did. Thus, creating a special memory of us sitting by the water and having breakfast. Protected by the sea breeze.

After breakfast, Sam got his walk and while we were away our tent continued to heat up and fry every last midge that had decided to chase me back into our tent that morning.  

We decided to pack up and head home.


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