Our journey from camping to campervan

This is a blog about our decision to start camping and our journey to camping perfection – NOT!!  
We have also included some sidetrack links which you may find interesting.

It now seems like forever ago when I suggested to Aileen that we should try camping.

It might have been that my timing was just right. Our children were now forging ahead with their own lives and just like so many other empty nesters, we were looking for something that would tap into our interests and ensure we both had something else in common.

Camping seemed like the perfect fit. We both enjoy the outdoors, we both love to travel and maybe subconsciously like so many other empty nesters, we both wanted to send out a message to our children that- ‘We’re still full of life and not ready for that nursing home just yet!’

So after a short trip to Go Outdoors, we returned with a ‘Starter pack’.  A three person Colman tent – complete with various tables, cooking equipment and a king size blow up mattress which we obviously hadn’t quite thought through but as we later discovered to the amusement of our fellow campers – it did fit with a bit of effort.




2017 coming soon

2018 coming soon

2019 memories currently getting made.

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