Loch Trool circular walk

We decided to take a road trip in Dora the Explorer, our Autosleeper Duetto Camper, to Dumfries and Galloway, South west Scotland. This region has the potential to be our favourite part of Scotland. There’s so much to explore and offers everything that Aileen and I enjoy – mountain biking, amazing beaches, hills to walk, Lochs to discover, castles, music festivals, wild camping and world famous dark sky’s (perfect for stargazing).On this occasion, it was Lochs to discover.



Loch Trool is perfect if you are looking for a reasonably short walk, just over a  5.5 miles loop.



We started at the car park next to a huge carved rock dedication to Robert the Bruce, king of Scots, who defeated an English battalion using local rocks as an ambush.



You will initially feel that you are walking away from the loch but it soon loops back and you will be met with spectacular views down the loch.

This is also a section of the Southern Upland Way

The walk took us about 1hr 55m, which was a fair pace but this was mainly due to the constant menacing presence of midges! The minute we stopped moving, they were on us. So it was best to keep up a fast pace.

All in all. We would thoroughly recommend this historic and stunning walk.


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