Lets Cycle Portugal – Part 7

Day 6 – Odeceixe to Sagres (60km) then a shuttle from Sagres to Lagos. Although this was the longest distance in one day, it was varied and had the carrot of the finish line and a beer waiting for us.

All of a sudden we were cycling in the Algarve. Cycling through vineyards, quaint little villages, taking in the beautiful scenery, cycling mostly off-road or on quiet roads. On this last day of our cycle, we were finally experiencing everything we had come to see and soon it would be over. With every pedal, we were nearing the finish and this created a mixture of sadness, pride and appreciation of our life. How we are fortunate enough to have our health and as a couple, have someone to share adventures with.

We had to be at Sagres Fortress for 4 pm to meet our shuttle, which would take us to Lagos. We cycled into Sagres in plenty of time and made our way to the Fort. This seemed to take forever as it has got to be one of the longest roads into a town centre but eventually, we arrived and savoured every second.   That was it! Finished!

With time on our hands, we cycled to a local pub and bought a couple of bottles of Sagres beer, although it turns out that Sagres isn’t made in Sagres. The staff in our pub thought that there might be a loose connection from the past but we haven’t researched it. The main thing is that the beer was delicious and just helped to create a perfect finish to an amazing trip.

We returned to the Fort for 4 pm and our Shuttle was waiting for us and we now headed to Lagos for an overnight stay at hotel Tivoli Lagos before heading to Faro again. Once again our tour operator had booked us into good accommodation.  This is a 4-star hotel with all the trappings, including offering guests champagne with their breakfast. As much as it was obviously very plush, it wasn’t for us. Give us a homely B & B any day. That said, we were well-rested and chilled.

We said our farewell to our trusty bikes, which involved taking off the pedals and bagging & tagging all the equipment and leaving them locked in a hotel storeroom for collection the next day.

Our attention now turned to try and find a restaurant that didn’t smell of fish and working out how to get to Faro in the morning!


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