Bridge over the Atlantic

We decided to take advantage of a spring Groupon deal and headed to Argyle, Scotland. We arrived at our hotel Lochmelfort for an overnight. Once checked in, we were shown to our room. The hotel had a certain amount of grandeur about it but it also had a more basic wing and this is where we were shown to. Unfortunately, the room door was locked from the inside and our hotel rep looked concerned. Was there still somebody inside? Was there a body inside? How would he get us in we wondered? He proceeded to ignore every hotel health and safety book and opened the room next to us, climbed out onto the balcony and completed a maneuver that Spiderman would have been proud of! Opening our door, now from the inside, he calmly stated ”sorry about that” handed us our key and walked off. Needless to say, our balcony door remained firmly locked for the remainder of our stay.

Clachan Bridge is about 8 miles from the town of Oban on Scotland’s west coast and was built between 1792 and 1793 and links the Island of Seil to the mainland.


Our trip to this bridge took in some lovely scenery as well as the historic Kilmartin Church, with its ancient carved stones.


Clachan Bridge is well worth seeing. It might just be because of its unofficial name but it felt like a special place to stand on and take a selfie – as you do.

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