About Us

What’s this ‘On the Way’ all about then?

Well, we’re Tom & Aileen a 50-something married couple who started blogging as a way of keeping a record of all the things we do. Many a night we would be sitting and trying to recall an event but couldn’t remember the details. Please feel free to read our blogs, written with a blend of observational humour and self-awareness as we travel, try to stay healthy and accept that we are not as young as we think we are. It’s the little things ‘On the Way’ through life that get forgotten and they can be the most important.


Tom is a retired mental health nurse who still manages to make Aileen’s heart flutter but it’s usually in response to Tom regularly announcing ‘’I’ve got an idea!’’ Still full of life and amazed by this world that we live on, Tom is embracing retirement.

Aileen hasn’t retired yet but has just as much energy as Tom. Photography, Jewellery making, sewing, knitting, gardening, keeping fit, cycling, baking and still has time for Tom’s ‘’Ideas’’!


We are now the proud owners of Dora, our Autosleeper Duetto campervan and have created a personal and informative account of campsites we have visited. #update – We finally said a fond farewell to Dora and found a new friend – Ziggy, our Devon Aztec Campervan. We have visited many more campsites than we have blogged about but have every intention of catching up, in between travels.  Ziggy will also get a special introduction. 

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