Facial recognition and your holiday snaps.


I’ve  had a thought and would appreciate you giving it some consideration. It occurred to me, whilst on holiday that I must be in dozens of photos that are being taken by strangers as I walk past or happen to be standing nearby. Now some of these photos must end up on social media sites etc. Not that I have an issue with this, that’s not where I’m going here.

No it’s more to do with the fact that facial recognition software is becoming so advanced that I can see a time when you upload a photo of yourself, an algorithm scans the internet and hey presto you discover a whole new bunch of holiday snaps with you in them.

I know you can already do this with Google but it’s not that accurate – you should try it and see what so-called likenesses appear.

Maybe not the best use of this software or your time but here’s why it got me thinking –

During my recent holiday I took some photos of some people being coached on the finer points of canoeing. The people on the canoe were obviously oblivions to me and will never know that I have a photo of them. Supposing it end up on my twitter account for the world to see and at some point is discovered by one of these canoeists. How weird would that be for the canoeist! It could go several ways –

Wow I now have a photo of me from that memorable day!

I feel violated. I didn’t ask for my image to be available to the world like this!

Oh dear, I told my boss I was ill in bed all week!

It’s closer than we think!

PS – This is Tom’s work – Aileen isn’t as weird. You’re more likely to get amazing photography, jewellery and interesting but keeping it real observations of our amazing world.


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