2015 was a big and hectic year for us. We were turning 50 and we had a year full of trips and birthday parties ahead of us. So our fledgeling camping lifestyle was going to have to take a back seat.

We took a trip to the Isle of Arran. Walked the West Highland Way attended weddings, celebrated birthdays, enjoyed a train journey from Fort William to Mallaig on The Jacobite Steam Train which goes over the Glenfinnan viaduct highlighted in the harry potter movie and went on a cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

So due to a busy year, full-time work and other commitments; our camping took a back seat but we were still keen to hit the road with our new tent.

Laurel park Spalding Lincolnshire was our choice. Purely because of a system we have decided to follow, Basically, on the day of our trip, we will look at the weather app and head towards the area that has the highest probability of sunshine. So on this occasion, it was Lincolnshire.


The campsite was nice and quiet but surrounded with huge Conifer trees, totally obscuring any view but as it turned out Lincolnshire doesn’t have any views.   It was the most boring place we have ever visited, regards it’s landscape, with monotonous flat fields and never-ending horizons.                                        

That said, it certainly didn’t disappoint regards the weather and we spent a week relaxing and sunbathing.   

Though I have to add that we’ll probably never return.


As for the tent set-up, it was much better and made it so much easier to cope with a week in one place. Being able to stand up, get changed, sit on a chair inside the tent first thing in the morning whilst eating our breakfast and planning the day just made all the difference from our 2014 year with the 3 person tent.  So all was good.

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