On the Way through life

We travel We learn
We make mistakes
We love We share
We try to stay healthy and fit
We try new pastimes
We retire We blog
We hope that you will join us
On the Way

A selection of our ever growing bucket list
With every day that we add to our list
It's one less day to complete it
But we'll give it a good try!
Visit Alberta canada - road trip
Visit Lake Bled - Slovenia
Visit Krakow - Poland
Route 66 USA - Road Trip
Weekend at Tiree Music Festival - Scotland
Hike Bologna to Florence through the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines mountain range
Cycle Vienna to Budapest following the Danube
Trip to Dubai
Blogs still to be completed but On the Way
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Backpacking in Croatia
What an amazing experience this was. With a light budget and heavy backpacks, we were in for an amazing adventure.
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Getting married in our
small back garden
One afternoon, whilst sitting in our back garden, we decided to plan our wedding and our garden would be our venue.
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Why we started our Airbnb
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